The Stories Of Your Life And Others II: NEMO | Feng Bingyi

Producer: Sui Qun
Artists: Feng Bingyi
Address: 403 International Art Centre·No.33 Baotong Temple Road, Wuhan,China


Note. “NEMO” means “no one” or “nobody” in Latin, referring to people with no identities, social status or names. “NEMO” has been translated as “people without names” by the Oxford Dictionary. This work itself has been inspired by a very short story found in the newspaper. The protagonist’s name is “Taylor Granger”. And the extract of the story is as below:

“Dear Mother and Father, I have gone away to walk aboard an alien ship as recurring dreams assured a 42 month interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe, then return. I am leaving behind all my possessions to you as I will no longer require the use of any. Please use the instructions in my will as a guide to help. Love Granger.”

In Taylor’s own will he crossed out the word “death” and replaced it with “departure.”

According to a local newspaper, the Times Colonist, there was also some sort of map drawn on the back of the note. The significance of it has never been determined.

The same article says Taylor was last seen leaving a local diner, Bob’s Grill, around 6:30 PM. Soon after, Taylor vanished.

Police were called and a search ensued. However, neither Taylor nor his bright pink Datsun truck were found.

“One would expect the car at least to be found,” Cpl. Mike Demchuk of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) told the local paper. “You just don’t get rid of something that large without someone knowing about it.”



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