Curator: Lu Mingjun
Producer: Sui Qun
Artists:Zhong Yunshu
Address: 403 International Art Centre·No.33 Baotong Temple Road, Wuhan,China


——Curator Statement

The instinct of physical features of materials is the starting point of Zhong Yunshu’s endeavor, The thingthat attracts her is that things can be compatible, applicable and penetrable to each other. They can alscextend or contract freely This is a relatively objective starting point, while the whole process of practices isant-experience. She even tries to avoid or fight against the intervention of experience. She relies onaccidental, instant and uncontrollable seli-seductive growth. She has no blue print of conception and mean-ing. lf conditions permit, she will go beyond the limit of materials and space and make the equipment moreapplicable and practicable. t is in the fiht and compromise with unsure individuals and objects that shebegins to feel and understand the materials, forms and space. She regards such feelings as fission, whichhas many interesting contrast, dialectics, parallels and connections. They have different variations andnarrative clues. They have no relations like master and subordinates, but to reveal the prosperity anddisappearance of the world. In this case, the natural evolvement of emotions and feelings has become herartistic topic, For audience, the maze-like theatre is a closed area without social experience and functionsThis is an open talk that releases seductive and imaginary risks of sense organs.

——Artist Statement

The play with materials and joy appeared by chance are presented in the strength and the process of fight.ing against artistic creation, For me, the work orginates from instinct or other laws that I havn’t discoveredTouching the real material is the starting point of artistic creation. The independent space of such creatioris similar to the situation when I am painting. My love for papers, pencils and the combination of materialsdoes not start with known result and can stop at any time. Ultimately, it proves that I can make new obiectscontinuously without being forced to stop. Therefore, I can start a new topic in my system. My work alscemphasize weight. When industrial manufacturing focuses on making things lighter, the relation betweerappearance and inner quality and functions also demonstrates forces in materials. In the past practices,always like to utilize the most original functions and features of materials and show their limitations andcoincindence after casual combination, I will add unknown materials every time I create something new,enjoy the process of understanding the material, break it phvsically and revisit it, The oriainal functions otthe mateirals can not limit me. To me, they are just shapes with color and taste and touch differently. I aimnot to establish relative relations between materials, but to set up relations of possibility or make personalized space, For example. the upper trunk and underground root are reinforcing to and extention of eacother, Al of these have emotions with timelin, The instant fear is like a steel pole to be broken, long-stand.ing joy is like good measurement, two minutes of worry is like being shocked slightly and one week ofexcitement is like the roling of ballon. The force generated by materials therselves is like the strengthwithin a person, it exists athough it cannot be seen. The independent exhibition or process of artisticcreation is just the process of when the strength of myself and the materials come together.



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