Backyard – Hey, Sun Is Rising!

Opening: 2018.3.10 16:00
Duration: 2018.3.10-5.10
Address: 403 International Art Center No.33 Baotong Temple Road Wuhan China
Producer: Sabrina Hsu
Art Director: Lu Mingjun
Artist: Yang Fudong


Yang shot in 1997 his first Film an Estranged Paradise. He finished its editing five years later with the support of documenta 11 (Kassel) and participated in the exhibition that year. He has since created significant works, including Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest (2003 – 2007), East of Que Village (2007), Blue Kylin (2003 – 2009), Dawn Mist, Separation Faith (2009), The Fifth Night (2010), New Women (2013) and the recent Moving Mountains (2016), continuously expanding the space for the language of video and installation. With his strong personal style in poetic structure and aesthetic tone, he has won great acclaim in the international and domestic art scene.

Aside from those classic multi-screen video installations and films, Yang has never stopped shooting
short films, though few of them were ever exhibited. Some of his early experiments are hardly known to the public. Nonetheless they are important to Yang himself, forming a part of his experiment and
providing a different perspective to the development of his video language. Clumsy and naïve they may sometimes seem, they still have an unusual texture and poetic quality. What roles do they play in the evolution of Yang’s video structure and aesthetic style as exemplified by Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest? Based on this, we choose seven of them, as an independent screening project and a research topic, aiming at providing an alternative entry into Yang’s video works.



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