Darkness in the Light | Xiao Kegang Solo Exhibition

Artists: Xiao Kegang
Address: 403 International Art Centre·No.33 Baotong Temple Road, Wuhan,China

2017.4.22 - 2017.6.9

I’ve been painting for many years, learning and experiencing within an established empirical system. Maybe it is the over reliance on some old habits and interests that have led to my detours in painting. Not until recent years did I gradually gain a different cognition. This exhibition can be counted as a result of my preliminary experiment and in a sense my first solo exhibition.

Even till now I have not a clear perception of painting, still trying and moving forward in a state of confusion and anxiety.Compared with the past, this new group of paintings is obviously out of the confinement of the traditional way of depicting. Inkjet and collage are also used as important means of the portraying, and some works even use existing images. But the biggest difference is this time I tried to delete certain design and prognosis and completely depended on instant understanding and mobile perspective. By randomly organizing the perception factors, I continuously renovated through trying with every step a problem solving process. In the enduring “risk taking” and “failures,” I tried to construct an independent image form and aesthetic structure with a certain degree of openness. The elements of painting were thus partially explored in a new and temporary way time after time.



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