Resurrection Ⅰ: The Regeneration of Strongholds

Time: April 22, 2017 – June 9, 2017
Films and Time:
Chen Jieren: Lingchi – Echoes of a Historical Photograph (2002): 4.22—4.28;
Radical Space: Shanghai Redux(2016): 4.29—5.5;
Hao Jingban: I Can’t Dance(2015): 5.6—5.12;
Zhao Liang: Behemoth(2015): 5.13—5.19;
Liu Yujia: Black Ocean(2016): 5.20—5.26;
Shen Xin: Strongholds(2016): 5.27—6.2;
Guan Xiao: Action(2014):6.3—6.9;

There are seven films, one for each week. Their narratives are rooted in different times and spaces. There seems to be no direct association among them, nor any intersection. However, all of them can bring us to the darkness and void divorced from the existing historical and realistic narratives (or not in them at all), where is the land of the regeneration of stronghold. The real stronghold is a productive crystal. Borrowed from Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, it’s a non-material, intellectual, emotional, relational (and possibly leaping) and disagreeable labor of language. Its commonality, liquidity, flexibility and instability constitute a new resistance force, an action that can transcend political rule and its potential for construction. Therefore we can say that every film is a stronghold, and each play, too. Then its multiple liquidity and reproducibility also mean that it itself is an action, a “resurrection”.

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