Resurrection Ⅱ: The Face of Phantom

Opening:2017.9.10 16:00
Time: September 2, 2017 – October 21, 2017
Address: 403 International Art Centre · No.33 Baotong Temple Road, Wuhan

Producer:Sabrina Hsu
Curator:Lu Mingjun
Artists:He An, Wong Ping, Liu Wei, Xu Qu, Yangjiang Group + Zheng Guogu, Zhang Xu Zhan, Zhu Yu 

The first result of death is to turn the deceased into a ghost (or phantom), into some vague and sinister existence, which often lingers in the living world and then returns to the place where the deceased frequented.(Giorgo Agamben)As another form of life,phantom is an after-death life or complementary life. It only starts after everything is over. Thus, in terms of the form of life, phantom has some unparalleled charm and agility, compared to those that have been done, with etiquette and accuracy (they no longer have tomorrow).

The exhibition consists of seven artists and seven works respectively. Through these works, the exhibition attempts to present a mysterious rite with history and reality crisscrossed. It is unknown, uncertain, and even magical, with breath of death.It also reminds us that artist is playing the role of sorcerer. Those “gone” faces imply the call of temperature, and those interlaced scenes are no different from the fall of time again and again. Those emerging daily secrets affect our dying nerves from time to time, while those free ghosts lead us to some unknowable unfinished land now and then- it is a rebirth of perception, in which you can discern a new political body and its dynamic signs.

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