Artists: Devlin Shea
Address: 403 International Art Centre·No.33 Baotong Temple Road, Wuhan,China

2018.1.13 - 2018.2.26

The exhibition is a series of new works by American artist Devlin Shea. In the works, the awkward framing of her subjects – their struggles enacted within harsh landscapes -confirms Shea’s desire to comprehend the complex nature of relationships. Shea provides a link to these tiny passages of emotion through her own insight, and in doing so provides a symbolic platform by way of monochrome motifs, transparent figures and apparitions of human heads and animals. It’s a place where viewer and paintings occupy a dream-like setting – interrupted only by moments of lucidity and anxiety held by the characters’ inner-tensions. The “Third Eye” is an invisible awareness, an intuition that allows insight into moments too easily missed.



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