Could donut save us from drowning?

Artist: Li Tingwei
Opening: 2018.3.10 16:00
Duration: 2018.3.10 – 2018.5.10
Address: 403 International Art Centre · No.33 Baotong Temple Road, Wuhan, China

2018.3.10 - 2018.5.10

The novel “Moby Dick” describes a battle between sensibility and rationality, the counter balance betweenego and the secular. The white whale symbolizes an unconquerable mystical force , like the embodiment of human evil. So, to some extent, the white whale is a symbol of the tension between people and capitalism in the process of production. The sea is a primitive and infinite life. It makes people fear and look forward to. However ,the swimming pool installed in a ship is a place of artificial sea water, and the life-buoy is given the mission of saving life. In the video works, modern people entertain themselves, conquering and taking advantages of the sea. Despite of a slight manifestation of loneliness, many people feign ignorance in the collective security and pretend they really enjoy it. The installation “Moby Dick, the Chase, first day, second day, third day” is a set of returning to the shore. “The space occupied in the life-buoy” refers to the subject living in a relative safe environment of residence, similarly in a space of one’s own, it brings out inevitably the desire of “being saved” as well.



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