Curtains of Eyes

Artist: Tang Kwok Hin
Opening: 2018.5.28 16:00
Duration: 2018.5.29 – 9.10
Address: 403 International Art Centre · No.33 Baotong Temple Road, Wuhan, China

2018.5.29 -2018. 9.10

Open an eye; close another one. Screens tire spirits. Bodies move slower and no longer pick up the speed. Social media intensify and popularize functions of knowledge. At the moment, definition of imagination, abstraction and specification has changed. Communication of signifiers connect giant networks. One circle, two circles, chained circles or leaps. To leap, shake the bedroom and soil; to smoke, gather constancy and loneliness. May norms and rebellions be both stereotyped?
Tradition! Capitalism! Globalization! There is our desire, as well as spirits without calmness and immaculacy. The breath is pretty drunk. While I fall asleep, the sunlight has already covered curtains of eyes. Sometimes floors; sometimes sofas. A relaxing body shows emptiness; twisted lambs do remember. I question again when I wake up. If the intention connects and challenges creation of civilization, you will finally reach and realize. True instability prove vitality of life, dealing with integration and deconstruction of living situations



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