NEW ORDER Agapanthe : Konné & Mulliez

Curator: Lu Mingjun
Producer: Sui Qun
Artists:Agapanthe : Konné & Mulliez
Address: 403 International Art Centre·No.33 Baotong Temple Road, Wuhan,China


“New Order” is the name of an English rock group and this is also the title chosen by Agapanthe, artist duo consisting of Alice Mulliez and Florent Konné, for their exhibition at 403. Thinking about an exhibition such as this relates to afresh start. Agapanthe remains watchful at/ for the possibility of a new stateof mind, a new attitude. This Wuhan residency allowed them to create shapesthat fall under a jingle of doing and undoing. This immersionin this booming urban space led to mental representations, making visible projected movements of the changing city.

New Order – aesthetic experience – daily practice – global civilization.

Demolition Construction Of ConstructionThis residency was the catalyst for a new production line. The duo borrows straightforwardly a vocabulary extracted from an urban space in transition. They assemble and orderelements of miscellaneous artifacts. They progress in these construction sites which disembowel the city from end to end. To borrownew forms and materials as compositional elements in order to put this never-ending movement into perspective through artistic writing, a writing throughout the course allowing a pause. To live, to watch, to stop, and then rewrite. As if this perpetual movement was a film whose scrolling images were laid break by a remote control. They deconstruct what they see, what they live, what they apprehend. The forms created by the duo question logical reorganization. So the remains and wastes of acontemporary yet already outdated world nourish the repertory of forms they produce. These variable adjustments allow to build real constructions resembling a tracking game. The exhibition space becomes a rough playground of forms and recollections. Picture rails, paintings, partition walls, rubble but also architectural elements mingle in amixed, porous ensemble, giving rise to new narrations. The image plays with symmetry and curls up into mirror shapes that confuse the issue. This blurring of visual codes dissuades from an immediate reading of the works. Alternately the object changes scale, changes its status, from hollow to full, from negative to positive, it flattens out to become sculptural.



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