Whichever Stone You Lift

Producer: Sui Qun
Artist:Han Qian
Operators:Li Mingying、Yang Leyi
Opening:March 9th , 2024 16:00
Duration of Exhibition:March 9th – June 30th ,2024
Location: Surplus Space, The Bund Prosperity, No. 25 PoyangStreet, Jiangan District, Wuhan


The experience of dwelling is far from self-evident. To me, it’s floating, constantly shifting from homeland to foreign lands, from here to there. The existence of life leaves an imprint on “there” and continuously enriches it until it becomes a certain degree of “here.” This marks the commencement of a new journey: bidding farewell, drifting away, embarking on a novel destination, and becoming a part of it. Once departed, the homeland will gradually become unfamiliar with time, making it increasingly challenging to recognize. The journey of “me” lies in the interplay of familiarity and strangeness.

Dwelling doesn’t point to a specific location but rather revolves around actions and pathways. It encompasses the areas where continuous traces are generated during travel movements. A country, a city, even a railroad connecting the north and south, a mountain range forgotten after being exploited, rivers endlessly swelling and receding, sandbars shifting year after year, or houses now reduced to ruins existing only in words and memory — all acquire significance through their historical presence.

The exhibition presents the intersection of these times and places. Hereon, I attempt to pick up scattered stones. Each of them has its own source, yet serendipitously converges at this juncture, forming episodes, positions, or events that serve as the very locales where I once lingered, felt, or contemplated.



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